Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What is your 'gentle' philosophy for sleep training?

I love it when people ask me about my methods. They aren't secret. Just special. 

My methods are very different than the typical sleep trainer. People are often surprised and relieved by the things I suggest. 

I promote a responding method that combines staying with your baby and offering a mix of touch, words, shushes, pick ups, feedings and keeping the stress levels as low as possible. I take your current situation and build small steps for you to take towards your end goal. 

Maybe you are co-sleeping and want crib sleep. Maybe you want to keep co-sleeping  but don't want to be the all night buffet but still want to keep nursing, just not all night. Maybe you have a crib sleeper that needs frequent attention all night leaving both you and baby sleep deprived. Whatever your situation, I can help you reach your goal without sacrificing your parenting values. I help with toddler troubles too. Even preschoolers. 

Sometimes this is a 3-6 day process or a 2 week process or it can extend to a month or two depending on how things go. I teach you how to modify it to meet the response of your child. I also help you to control as many variables as you can, to set your baby up for the lowest stress experience possible for your baby. Some of these thing include maximizing day sleep, sleep space environment, adequate feeding, and more. Once you control all of the different sleep pieces that you can control, the rest of the stress potential is dependent on the individual temperament that your particular baby is born with. You can't control your baby's temperament, you just have to modify the method to respond and meet your baby's needs. So if you have a baby with an intense, slow to change, alert temperament, then there is likely going to be higher stress and more crying than a baby that has an easy-going, happy go lucky, easy to change temperament.  I specialize in spirited and alert babies. Spirited babies, or babies that have higher needs, usually are overly stimulated by their environment. These overly stimulated babies need more parental involvement, more hugs, more holding, more attention, etc. These babies will continue to have increased perception of their surroundings as they grow up. So if these babies do get the parental attention that they are seeking, then they grow up to be the real go-getters of the world. They continue to have increased perceptions but they also have lots of practice problem-solving with their extra parental support growing up. This gives them a huge advantage over their peers. These attention seeking babies actually have higher potential than regular babies. I use methods that encourage the extra parental attention to foster the problem-solving practice that these babies need. You can give lots of attention and still learn self soothing skills. It just has to be done in a different way. 'Cry it out' is not that way and so I avoid that method. 

The process I go through in doing a consultation with the new family starts with you filling out a seven page sleep history that I send to you. It gives me the information that I need to create a plan for you.  Choose a package on my website www.GetQuietNights.com and once I receive your payment, I send you the Sleep History and a link to a parenting site that has narrated power point videos on it to give you base of the things I would like to talk with you about. Then we will talk for an hour or an hour and a half about the method I want you to follow and the steps I want you to take to help you meet your goals. We will modify the steps in our discussion over that phone call or in-person consultation. Then, as you implement the steps that we have discussed, you have the option to take advantage of the follow-up calls that come with the package you purchased. There is also an email and text option in some of the packages if that is the communication style you prefer.  

Success starts with a good plan that you can feel confident implementing and then follow up with me to help you stay on track, answer your questions, and help you troubleshoot any regressions or difficult situations you encounter.

If you have more questions about my methods, I would be happy to talk with you over the phone. If you're ready to book a consultation then choose a package on my website www.GetQuietNights.com  and I will send you the link to the video site and sleep history. 

Give me a call to answer your questions or to set it up. 

Tracy Spackman 602-524-7610
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Gentle Sleep Coaching - Teaching you how to get your kids to sleep.



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