Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why is my baby Crying? -Cheat Sheet

Some mom's feel guilty for not knowing why thier baby is crying. If you can not figure out why she's crying just by the tone of her cry, no matter how hard you try, that does NOT mean that you aren't a good mom.  That happens all the time.   No need to feel guilty about that.  Throw that guilt out the window.  Many babies don't have the range of crying for all the different things it could be, and mom's may not have the sensitive hearing it takes to distinguish the cries or the life experience to tell the difference.  It's not your fault.  Your effort is enough.  

I remember, as a new mom, going though a list in my head of what could be bothering my baby.  I'd smell her diaper, I'd pick her up and offer a nursing, I'd give her a different toy.  I'd forget all about how long it had been since she'd slept.  Finally, I made a list for myself to check when she cried.  I was so tired, my brain just didn't work as fast as it used to.  So now I've made a list for you.

I had a 6-9 month old baby on my mind when I added the notes.

Here is a cheat sheet for Fussy Signs you can't Identify.  Print it out and stick it to your refrigerator. 

A Sleep Deprived Parent's Cheat Sheet for Guessing 
Why She's Crying

Tracy Spackman
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

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