Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's your sleep plan?

Someone today said to me..."Everyone is talking about your plan. What is this plan!!!!!!"
The plan is a list of action items to get your baby ready for sleep coaching and then a step by step gentle method to undo sleep crutches and meet your goals. I try to break the method up into 6 steps but everyone's list and plan is different depending on their situation. The plan is personalized. It's not the typical stuff you find in books and on baby sites. It's more gentle and focuses on Infant mental health while making small changes. Often it involves sleeping in your baby's room or room sharing to start and doing a lot of support but then doing less and less in well defined steps.  Do you want me to make a plan for you? I have you fill out a sleep history, watch some videos, we talk for at least an hour to go over your plan details, then we talk as you implement the plan to ensure your success. Consultation package details are on my website. A plan is not a few sentences I can put on Facebook. It's a parenting change to meet your sleep goals. 

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