Friday, May 13, 2016

Confessions of a sleep coach

Confession:  I needed a coach myself. I struggle with diet and exercise and people are ALWAYS asking me when my baby is due. (I'm not pregnant) but I guess my legs are fab looking so I must be pregnant if I look like this. (Baby bulge but it's leftovers, after 5 babies, lol) I can laugh about it but I'm ready for change. So I am using a coach.  Having a coach to tell me what to do, encourage me, help me to KNOW my efforts will be WORTH IT.   That's what holds us back, thinking all the effort won't work.   With sleep deprivation, you think you should be able to figure this out on your own. How hard should sleep be??  That's what I thought about diet and exercise. Surely I have learned enough in my life to fix this on my own. But I just didn't have the confidence that my efforts would give me the results I needed.  (And I hate exercise so I need to know it will work) A coach who studies diet and exercise who will approach this scientifically is what I needed. And I have begun. I'm committed to my new eating habits and daily exercise. 
As a sleep coach, who has studied sleep science and gentle baby sleep methods and infant mental health, I know I can help and coach moms through the necessary changes that are NOT necessarily obvious.  Why did I wait so long to get my own coach for my own issues? What does anyone?  So no guilt, just forward progress.  We can all do great things! We just may need some help. 

Tracy Spackman Certified Gentle Sleep Coach 

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