Monday, April 18, 2016

Mother's Day Sleep Package anyone?

Here's the Mother's day sleep package conversation on my FB group this morning.

My husband is buying me a package with Tracy for Mother's Day! I can't say for sure, but I'll bet this is going to be the best Mother's Day gift ever. To the mother's who have used her methods before, did you have success? I'm so hoping I can teach my little man to sleep alone without letting him CIO. (cry it out)

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Tiffany Phelan: I think your husband made a great choice! We did it at 6 months and it essentially saved my sanity smile emoticon not to say there haven't been a few setbacks here and there but it was awesome. Plus I like that it gives you some assurance that you are doing the right thing even if it seems like they are fighting it at u get to be there with them

Elizabeth Tunna Rosgen: Yes we had amazing success! Still have a great sleeper over a year later! What a great gift smile emoticon

KB Now much does it run?? I'm curious about it!

Rachel Balven: I  went to Tracy about a month ago and things are MUCH better than they were. I don't have a perfect sleeper, but putting my LO down for bed is easy now, and she only wakes up once or twice a night (only for a few minutes at a time usually). Compared to her waking 5-10 times a night (sometimes staying awake for a couple hours), this is amazing for us. 

There are two things in my life that I really had to convince my husband to fork up money for when he didn't want to. One was a doula and the other was for Tracy- I have no regrets about either purchase and neither does he smile emoticon 

Good luck!

Amy Anthony Graham: Best decision and best money we ever spent! Changed our lives in 2 weeks!! Good luck!

Jennifer HartzheimWe used Tracy for my now 3 yo starting just after 2.5 yrs of crap sleep ( for all of us) the final straw was him waking up screaming 20 x in one night.. We got a lot of improvement very quickly, and continue to make strides .. He had 2.5 yrs of bad sleep habits and we cannot expect everything to change overnight . 

We also use Tracy to help with my 6 mth old .. Nursing friendly and using gentle methods we are giving our youngest the gift of sleep ... Still two nursings a night, but we will slowly withdraw them in the coming months . He puts himself to sleep and typically does not need interventions now . He just got over a viral ear infection and slept very well thru the discomfort . 
There is so much to sleep you really cannot read just one book and get all the knowledge Tracy has .. Money well spent !

Sara Watson Best gift ever! We did it at 9 months and nearly a year later I can't imagine how we survived before it. smile emoticon

RB: I'm on night 4 with my breastfed 10 month old who before now coslept and nursed all night. I am really amazed at how well Tracy's plan has helped!! He is able to fall asleep in his crib with my reassuring presence and after the first really rough night, I've seen nightly improvements! Cheers to sleep, happy marriages, happy babies and happy mamas!

RS: Best investment ever!!!!

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