Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sleep Coaching Wish List...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is it too early to make a wish list for Christmas for Black Friday?
Here are some things that may help with sleep coaching:

A cute lamp for a DIY wake up light 


Moon Cocoon sleep sack by Nini & Pumpkin
Buy a moon cocoon

Conair White noise machine from Amazon (cheapest model)
Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

Black out blinds (This is just a sample, lots of options)
Bali Room Darkening 2'' Slat Vinyl Blinds - 31'' x 64''

Sanda Boyton's book "The going to bed book" 

A sleep consultation with Tracy Spackman 

Tracy Spackman 602-524-7610
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Gentle Sleep Coaching - Teaching you how to get your kids to sleep.

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