Monday, November 30, 2015

Is Night 1 of Sleep Training always awful? Nope. Check this out.

This was the Night 1 experience related in my Facebook Group "Sleep Sisters" by Christine with her 3 year old after developing a better sleep plan:

"Tracy thank you for your group consult last week!! We did night one tonight with my almost 3 year old and it was one hour beginning to end without one tear!! No attitude either, she actually seemed excited to go to bed in her toddler bed which I couldn't believe! We have done all the prep you mentioned and our family meeting was this morning to talk to her about it more in detail. Tonight she kept putting her new lovey to bed next to her tucking him in, asked for her potty to be put in her room, asked for her night light on (I've got to still get one that's not so bright) . She stayed in bed while I did those. . Then hugged lovey, whispered 'don't leave' to me, then went to sleep on her own while I stayed by the bed.. I'm in disbelief, when I tried this without your steps a few weeks ago she screamed for about an hour while I sat next to her and kicked her feet the whole time, it was awful and stressful to sit next to her like that telling her to go to sleep and having her tantrum over and over.. it's night and day implementing your steps! Thank you again, we will see how night 2 goes tomorrow and if she stays asleep tonight. ..thank you thank you thank you, my husband and I have new-found hope that her sleep issues can be resolved."

Now on to Night 2...

Night 2 has the potential to be worse than night one.  This is called an "Extinction Burst", which is a fancy psychological term for "She is going to test you."  It happens about 50% of the time.  Occasionally it happens sometime in the first 2 weeks.  Half the time it doesn't happen at all.

Good luck Christine!

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